Basic information

D – numer

This is temporary number for people who want to stay in Norway up to six months. It takes approximately six weeks to get it. Without the number you will not get a contract at work and it means you will not be able to create a bank account. The best is to register at before you leave to Norway. It can take even two months to get in touch with someone from Skattekontoret (tax office). If you want to stay in Norway longer than six months then you need to get this number again. The number has to be renewed annually if you are living in Norway.


It is one of the most difficult things. Try to search for a flat before leaving to Norway. Best websites for accommodation are and Price for one room in Oslo is around 700 – 800 EUR plus energy, internet. The deposit consists of three times the monthly price of the room. So it is recommended to have enough money before coming here. Norway is very popular country for people who are looking for a good paid job. There have been more than 1 million immigrants in last 10 years. There is lack of flats so you will need to write a short CV describing yourself to make a good impression for the owner of a flat. There can be 30 people interested in the same room.


Norway is one of the luckier countries which were not affected by financial crisis (mainly because of its rich oil resources). Unemployment in Norway is about 2 – 3%, in Oslo only 1.8% which are great numbers BUT it does not mean you will find the job that easy! According to Norwegian law you must get contract immediately when you start your work (in some other countries it is enough with just oral agreement).

Therefor the employer in Norway will think twice before hiring someone. If you will get a job in Norway you will be protected by Norwegian law which offers great possibilities. For example: you cannot get fired immediately because you will get 3 months for finding another job. In a case you will get serious illness you can get refund up to 100% of your wage. Norwegian social system is on very high level (that’s why are you paying so extremely high taxes there).

You can find job vacancies on our website. We will try to advert job offers for English speakers.

Anyway it’s much easier to find a job if you have at least basic knowledge of Norwegian language.

Minimum wage is 120 NOK per hour (16 EUR/hour). Job in restaurant around 18 EUR/hour + tips (50 EUR/day). Minimum wage for construction work is around 152 NOK/hour (more than 20 EUR/hour). Other fields like ICT, medicine, education are paid much better.


It is a bit exaggerated that in Norway taxes are too high. If you have average income (3000 – 4500 EUR) then you pay 32 – 40% taxes. But you should remember that it involves social and health insurance! So you have same rights like any other Norwegian (child benefits, etc.).

Life in Norway

If you have ever heard that Norwegian people are very impersonal, boring and distant, don’t trust it. In a way they are different than people from southern Europe or people from eastern Europe. Norwegians are introverts but they are people with big heart willing to help you anytime. Not all of them are like that but just what I have experienced myself.

If you love mountains, black-metal, skiing and the most beautiful nature in the world then you will fall in love with Norway. It is even possible to take skies, get off at last stop of subway and you are in “wild” nature and you can ski down to Oslo.


As it was mentioned earlier it is good to have enough money in the beginning. You can spend 3000 EUR before you get your first salary. Recommended is 4500 EUR. Depends how lucky you are finding job.


A bit complicated. There are two official languages: Bokmål and Nynorsk. Even though there are job offers only for English speakers it is recommended to learn Norwegian.

It is not too difficult to learn Norwegian. If you speak English and also German then you get ¼ of vocabulary. Try to listen to the radio on the internet or TV and it will be even easier for you to learn their language. Another thing is dialect. In many regions it is spoken a little bit different concerning pronunciation.