Cook / Entertainer


Torvund Gård v/Ørjar Nydal is a green company. We raise cattle on a big farm on the west coast of Norway, near Bergen. We feed only grass (grassfed beef). We process the meat ourselves. Cut out fillets and produce the hamburger meat from the rest of the animal. We sell through our farmshop and grill in the middle of Bergen Center (the famous fishmarket). We cook (grill) on a JOSPER grill. We want to make the best hamburgers in Norway. We also sell grassfed beef products from this store.

Description of a position: You will grill the meat openly in the middle of a lot of people. You must be open and talkative, charming. You must have knowledge about and experience with grilling meat, preferably on a Josper grill.


  • education and experience as a cook
  • experience with grilling meat / seafood
  •  interested in healthy eating
  • understand that we want to sell good quality streetfood to a demanding public that includes lots of tourists and the Bergen people
  • must have good English skills

Working hours: afternoon / evening

Place of work: Fishmarket in Bergen

Salary: Tarif for cooks (decided by national agreements)

Start date: Season starts from May 1. The end date will be extended according to results and may be seasonal for several years. The successful applicant can expect to have the winter months free.

Other information: 90 days trial period

Last application day: 20.03.2014

How to apply: Send an application letter to Mr. Ørjar Nydal by e-mail to:, with your phone number and a good time to call. Mr. Ørjar Nydal wants to talk to the most promising candidates by the phone.

Contact person: Ørjar Nydal, phone: 0047 40800423, e-mail:

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