Fisherman / Mechanic


Vika Kystfiske AS is located in Bømlo, an island north of Haugesund. We have two boats (70 feet and one 49 feet long fishing boat). We are a small business with 3 workers at the moment. We started 3 years ago.

Information about the position:

We are looking for a fisherman with knowledge about some mechanic. Your job will be on deck working with the fish but also to help our mechanic on board. We are looking for a person that can work as part of the team but also be able to work on your own. This position is for the cod season  (January and February) but for the right person this could be a permanent position.


The applicant needs to speak English language. We prefer mechanic background but mechanic interest is neccessary. Applicants need to have some boat experience. We also prefer applicants to be physically fit as this work is physically demanding and can mean working long days.


As being in fishing we are regulated according to the Norwegian „Fishing agreement“ so we pay according to this. This means that payment will depend on the amount of fish catch. Basic wages will be around EUR 2000 – 4000 a month.

Accommodation: On board

Work place: Bømlo, one hour by car north of Haugesund, Norway


Send short application and CV pr. E-mail to: Diplomas and other papers must be brought to interview.

Deadline: 5th of January 2014

For more information please call Jarle Onarheim at +47 918 62 294 or send e-mail to

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