Immigration office UDI


If you plan to stay in Norway for more than 3 months, you are required to register with an immigration office – UDI. It falls under the competence of the police (Politi). As a member of one of the member states of the European Union, you do not need a residence permit or a work permit, you have only the obligation to register.

When you sign up, you have to meet certain criteria that you need to prove relevant.
  • Either you have to be employed in Norway (you need to prove your employment contract)
  • or you will be staying as a student
  • or you are a self-employed person
  • or you are sent to Norway for a business trip by your employer
  • or you are a family member of an EU citizen who is staying in Norway.

Those who do not apply to one of the previous points may also be registered, but they must show that they have sufficient funds and health insurance covering all the risks. Funds may be in the form of capital or regular monthly earnings (for example, pensions), but they must be of sufficient value not to be classified as a burden on the Norwegian social system. You will also need a valid ID, such as Passport and different documents depending on which category you are mentioned above. E.g. for a person who registers for work reasons it will be a work or employment certificate – ansettelsesbevis. All information about registration and registration documents can be found on the UDI page. The site is available in several language versions, including English, German, and Polish.

The registration process

You must first register and fill out the registration form on the UDI website. You will also need to provide a Norwegian address. After successfully completing this request, you will select the place and date of the meeting at the police. On this date, you will come to the police with all the required documents and will issue a registration certificate – REGISTRERINGBEVIS. Should you refuse to register for any particular reason, it is not possible to appeal or challenge this decision. You need to re-enroll the whole process once you believe the reasons for the refusal have passed. You can also register with the UDI online application for people who are still trying to get a job. After a personal meeting with the police, their identity will be verified by a UDI worker. Registreringbevis, however, will not be issued to them and will not receive any other written registration document. However, they will be required to register in order to legally stay in Norway for up to 6 months. If you get a job, you will already have all the necessary information about the applicant in the system and getting the registreringbevis will be easy.

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