Tax Office – Skatteetaten

The next duty you have to fulfill upon your arrival in Norway is the Skatteetaten (Tax Office).

If you plan to stay in Norway for more than 6 months, you must notify your Folkeregister at least 8 days after your arrival. This is done using the RF-1401 form to fill in all the required data. The form is also available on every Skattekontor and also in English. You will also need an identity card with photo and citizenship and gender information. The passport is ideal, but a personal ID is also acceptable. Their validity may not be less than 6 months.

Another document requested is the Registreringbevis, issued by Politi. Folkeregistri staff will also require a rental agreement or a purchase agreement of a house, respectively apartment. This is not the case if you reported immigration as a family member of the Norwegian resident.

Last but not least, you will have to prove the fact that you will also be financially secure. You will have to prove it by a valid employment contract or a written confirmation of a job offer for more than 6 months or alternative documents, (eg. a husband’s receipt), a certificate of self-employment… After registering you will be given FØDSELSNUMMER, consisting of 11 numbers. The first 6 digits are the date of your birth in the DD / MM / RR format. The other 3 are individual, where the last one in this trio is gender. Even number represents a woman and an odd a man. The last two numbers are control numbers.

If you are planning to stay in Norway for less than 6 months, you are not required to report to the Folkeregistre, but you must ask the tax office for the so-called D-nummer – temporary identification number, replacement for fødselsnummer. D-nummer is its composition and number of digits identical to fødselsnummer, but to the date of your birth is added 40 (ie, a person born on February 25, 1995 will have D-nummer 650295 XXXXX). This number is, for example, for opening a bank account, issuing a tax card, and for many other common-life purposes where you do not have to deal with this number many times. These operations are performed at 42 tax offices in Norway. In these locations, you must also request the issue of SKATTEKORT by filling out your tax card application form – the RF-1209 form. This card will arrive at your address listed in the Folkeregistri upon issue and usually takes 1-2 weeks. You will hand over 1 worksheet from this card to your employer and you will receive monthly deductions based on the data on this tab. Typically, this amount is 36% and is based on your annual earnings (or expected annual earnings). If you do not deliver the skattekort to the employer, you will be automatically deducted 50% of the salary until the card is delivered. The difference between the actual and the eligible deductions will then be settled in the following year when the tax return is filed.

While filing various documents at offices and other institutions, we recommend that you always make a photocopy and acknowledge that you have actually delivered the document. Considering the tendency of „losing“ any possible papers, it can save you a bit of time in office handling.

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