Norway is one of the luckier countries which were not affected by financial crisis (mainly because of its rich oil resources). Unemployment in Norway is about 2 – 3%, in Oslo only 1.8% which are great numbers BUT it does not mean you will find the job that easy! According to Norwegian law you must get contract immediately when you start your work (in some other countries it is enough with just oral agreement).

Therefor the employer in Norway will think twice before hiring someone. If you will get a job in Norway you will be protected by Norwegian law which offers great possibilities. For example: you cannot get fired immediately because you will get 3 months for finding another job. In a case you will get serious illness you can get refund up to 100% of your wage. Norwegian social system is on very high level (that’s why are you paying so extremely high taxes there).

You can find job vacancies on our website. We will try to advert job offers for English speakers.

Anyway it’s much easier to find a job if you have at least basic knowledge of Norwegian language.

Minimum wage is 120 NOK per hour (16 EUR/hour). Job in restaurant around 18 EUR/hour + tips (50 EUR/day). Minimum wage for construction work is around 152 NOK/hour (more than 20 EUR/hour). Other fields like ICT, medicine, education are paid much better.